Alko Hotel, committed to the Non Commercial Sexual Exploitation

What is ESCNNA ?:
It consists of the use of the body of a child or of its representation for the purpose of domination, gratification or profit, in exchange for a tangible or intangible remuneration, or a promise of retribution for the child-a or for another person. The child is treated as a sexual object and merchandise. It is a form of inhuman, cruel and degrading treatment and, therefore, assimilable to torture

What are its modalities ?:

Use of boys and girls in prostitution.
It is the commercialization of sexual activities of any nature with minors in exchange for money, goods or services; it includes the offer, the intermediation, the contact and the sexual “encounter” in streets or open or reserved businesses.
Includes the use of children in live pornographic shows, which are done publicly or privately.

Pornography with boys and girls.
The production of materials (photographs, negatives, slides, magazines, books, drawings, films, video tapes, computer disks or files) that represent children involved in explicit or suggested sexual activities, real or simulated, or sexual parts of a child, for erotic or commercial purposes.

The distribution, commercialization, purchase, sale and exchange of these materials.
The exhibition or diffusion by any means, in public or in private.
The possession or possession of them.

Trafficking in children for sexual purposes
It consists of “the capture, transport, transfer, reception or reception of persons, resorting to the threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, abduction, fraud, deceit, abuse of power or for a situation of vulnerability or for the granting or receiving of payments or benefits to obtain the consent of a person who has authority over another, for exploitation purposes “(Protocol to prevent, suppress and sanction trafficking in persons, especially women and children. Palermo.2000)

Sexual exploitation of children and adolescents associated with travel and tourism
It consists of the offer and / or sexual use of children by people traveling from one country to another, or between cities in the same country.
The exploiters use the facilities offered by the tourist industry (hotels, bars, nightclubs, etc.)

In general, the sexual gamblers are arranged informally between friends or colleagues, pedophiles or not, and in some cases with the participation of travel agents.

Early marriages or servile marriage
It consists of the covert “sale” of girls, in the form of legal marriages, to be subjected to sexual and domestic servitude; the husband – generally an adult much older than the girl and with a superior economic position – pays a sum of money or a “contribution” to the family for the girl and then subjects her to sexual intercourse.
Sometimes it involves moving the child to another city or country.
The family perceives the husband as a “benefactor”

Use of children in armed groups (illegal)
Many children involved in armed conflicts suffer the trauma of war, not only as witnesses to the murders of their family members, but they are also abducted, forcibly recruited and suffer sexual abuse and exploitation.

These children are forced to have sexual relations with adults in military units and forced to perform intelligence activities through sexual exchanges with opposing groups; in other cases, the boys and girls are transferred by pimps to camps where they remain for days or weeks subjected to multiple and successive violations; other times, the IAG controls areas of prostitution where they are taxed to transit or stay in some areas or subject them to harassment and sexual abuse


Law 679 of 2001

The purpose of this law is to dictate protection measures against exploitation, pornography, sex tourism and other forms of sexual abuse with minors, through the establishment of preventive and sanctioning norms.

Law 985 of 2005

It seeks to adopt measures of prevention, protection and assistance necessary to guarantee respect for the human rights of victims and possible victims of trafficking in persons, both residents or transferees in the national territory, as well as Colombians abroad, and strengthen the action of the State against this crime.

Law 1329 of 2009

This law condemns with minimum 14 years of prison who gives information, promotes or encourages contact with children and adolescents for sexual exploitation.

Also, who buys sex with a minor, receives a sentence of up to 32 years in prison.

Likewise, whoever produces or commercializes pornography involving minors under 18 years of age may receive a sentence of up to 32 years in prison

Ley 1336 de 2009

Biodiversity and Environmental Sustainability

Colombia is a privileged country, for its magnificent biodiversity in flora, fauna, 2 oceans, innumerable rivers, climates, and a complete variety of ecosystems that go from the beautiful beach at sea level to paramos and high peaks that are above the 5,000 meters above sea level


This makes us a unique country which the ALKO HOTEL BOUTIQUE and ALKO HOTEL INTEGRADO invites you to meet with responsible tourism.

More information on National Natural Parks at:


Commited with our environment

Alko Hotel  is entirely committed to mitigating the impact that its operation may generate on the environment. We have invested in a photovoltaic solar energy system that injects its production into the grid, generating savings of more than 50% in consumption. We installed a filter system that collects rainwater from the hotel’s roofs and adds to those captured by the high water table to supply the sanitary water tank and whose capacity could support our operation for two days. We invest a lot in the design, with an emphasis on promoting fresh and natural air inside the building and maintain ideal temperatures, with high bioclimatic criteria that provide ventilation and natural lighting and air flow throughout the building, avoiding the use of air conditioners. The hotel’s lighting system is LED technology and has motion sensors that allow us to save energy. We are very concerned about encouraging our guests to have a rational and efficient consumption of resources.

We fully comply with the NTS-TS-002 standard, which specifies the environmental, sociocultural and economic requirements, and management for sustainability applicable to lodging and lodging establishments. With regard to Resolution 0549 of Sustainable Construction, we exceed the minimum percentages required for savings in water and energy